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a fresh start...

After establishing a diverse staff I would target a few top issues like healthcare, education, the minimum wage, and green tech. I would then lobby for such legislation by keeping the public informed about how it benefits their lives and use all forms of media to draw attention to those that vote against progress and expose why. A key part of my administration would be campaign finance reform, I would work to prove that special interest money needs cut from our government. Once we take away the bribery of big business it'll make passing GOOD legislation that much easier. I plan to bring money and attention to our district by standing out from the crowd and having our collective voices finally heard. 

Regulating, legalizing and taxing cannabis is something we should be looking at to greatly reduce our property tax burden.

If Mr. Deluca ever accepts my invitation for a debate I'd like to know if he supports a gradual raise to a $15/hr minimum wage, as I want to use rise-up economics instead of the failing trickle-down. I believe that a full time job should lift you out of poverty. 

I have several ideas on not just how I would like to improve the quality of life for the community but the overall state of our environment as well. There are advancements in technology that allow us to do things with renewable energies that people would have thought impractical a decade ago. If elected I would invest revenue from the fossil fuel industry (LNG exports for example) towards a cleaner, healthier future for all. 

Erin's Record...

As a school board member in the early 2000's Erin championed school safety, long before it was popular. She worked successfully to install metal detectors because nothing is more important than knowing your child is safe.

She has also been a financial watchdog. She successfully fought Senator Rick Santorum in court. Mr. Santorum owned 5 homes in Pennsylvania at the time and claimed to live in Penn Hills. It was determined that Mr. Santorum was living in a Virginia mansion along with his family, and it was decided in court that Mr. Santorum defrauded the Penn Hills School District of roughly $100,000. It was Erin Vecchio that went to bat for the taxpayers, not the mayor, not the superintendent, and most certainly not our State Representative Tony Deluca. Erin got us that money back.

Erin actually voted against building the new elementary school at the time citing financial problems with the plan. When Erin left the board in 2009 there was a $62,000,000 surplus. When she won a seat on the board again in 2016 there was a $172,000,000 deficit. Since coming back to the board of directors she has successfully renegotiated several district contracts including the solicitors salary, while helping secure a $2,000,000 grant from Senator Jay Costa's Office. All while revamping the budget system, independent CPA Mark Turnley reviews the districts finances now and has said that he hasn't seen an administration go to the lengths that Penn Hills has recently to fix their problems. Welcome news to taxpayers.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, upon evaluating the districts finances for the years Erin was off the board, described the administrations activities as criminal. Those same people were all exclusively endorsed by Tony Deluca and Tony even went as far as to use his personal legislative stamp to mail their campaign literature. In addition to numerous other issues that were turned over to the District Attorney's office, which has failed to indict a single person thus far.

Erin has been subpoenaed to 4 Grand Juries over the years to testify against political corruption in the district. Every time Tony Deluca has been a target. Where there's smoke, there certainly seems to be fire. Maybe District Attorney Steve Zappala will do something one day. 

Erin has not voted for a tax increase, believing that a tax on natural gas should be utilized.

FBI investigates Tony Deluca - 

Our Goals

Our mission is first and foremost the revitalization of the 32nd Legislative District.

     If elected Erin Vecchio will work with both parties to make education a top priority - Erin will work to reform policies that send tax dollars out of our education system and look for ways to make college more affordable.

     I believe that a form of Medicare for all should be explored thoroughly.

     We can work together to be more financially responsible while we develop other innovative ways of funding that don't involve YOUR paycheck. A modest severance tax on drillers and taxing any natural gas being shipped out of Pennsylvania would be a good place to start. We also need to legalize and tax cannabis. 


     Erin would like to organize a community development organization that would meet regularly and often to discuss ways to attract business in technology and manufacturing. When Erin thinks about the future of the 32nd, she doesn't think of big smoke towers, she thinks of the limitless possibilities renewables have to offer. 


   We look forward to hearing YOUR ideas and finding ways to improve our district. We are fighting a battle against big money interests and since we do NOT accept money from corporate lobbyists like my opponent it will be up to all of us to work together. Campaign finance reform is a bipartisan problem that we need to address immediately. 

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